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Jainson was founded in the year 1954 by late Shri Bimal Prasad Jain. Since then showroom has been in the business of selling quality ready made garments and premium fabrics with customized tailoring to its customers.


The showroom till date has always played the perfect host to many prominent politicians, bureaucrats, business tycoons, local elite society etc.


Set in the heart of Delhi's business district, Connaught Place, we cater to all generations of the society. Broadly speaking our range can be divided into five main categories. To begin with we have the finest range of high quality fabrics for Suiting and a customized tailoring unit. We take great pride in carefully selecting the best quality of fabrics and work with great care and affection to provide our customers with the very best. The fabrics we sell our mostly sourced from Italy and Scotland among other countries.  Then we have our own brand of manufacturing line. There is a huge gap in the market in the bridge to luxury segment in men’s and women's apparel. Many customers are not satisfied wearing garments sold by brands available in the market due to restriction in terms of exclusivity and quality. Then there are high end luxury brands that are available in the city but are far too expensive for most customers. We provide a medium link to the customers. Our manufactured apparel if of the highest quality and in line with the international luxury brands and yet affordable to most customers. Also the designs and variety are on European lines and are available exclusively with us.


Then we sell imported garments and accessories that we import from various counties like, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Spain, England and Scotland.


At the same time we are able to keep the best of selected range of the domestic high end brands available in India so that our customers can meet all their needs at one store.


Last but not the least one of our forte is the knitwear and winter wear range. We can proudly say we are the largest seller of one of the finest brands of winter wear in India, Gadoni of Italy. We have in depth range of winter garments for men and women from Gadoni of Italy. We have even exclusive collection made for our store in high quality fabrics and garment designs made exclusively for our store from Gadoni of Italy. Not to mention we are the largest seller for cashmere knitwear for men and women, cashmere blankets, shawls, stoles and cashmere accessories that we import from Scotland.


Overall, Jainson being a family owned store have always enjoyed tremendous amount of love and goodwill from our customers.  We look forward to work with the ethics of our founder and humbly are grateful for the reputation we have been enjoying over the past decades.


Best wishes,

Tarunn K. Jain (Son of Late Shri Bimal Prasad Jain)
Varunn Jain (Son of Tarunn K. Jain)